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SmoothStar FAQ

Product selection

Which SmoothStar board is right for me?

At SmoothStar, we've created a size selector to help our customers choose the right SmoothStar based on height, weight and surf stance. Please review this article to check which board is right for you.

Does my surfing level determine which board I should use?

No, board selection is made based on your height and weight, just like a surfboard.

Is wheel size important?

Just like choosing different sized fins for your surfboard, different sized wheels will deliver different performance for your SmoothStar. Wheel size is best chosen based on your weight, however, depending on what surface you are using your SmoothStar on (smooth or rough), or what you are trying to achieve (more hold or slide), you can change the wheel size of your SmoothStar accordingly. Read our article on SmoothStar wheel customisation for more information.

Do I need to know how to skate to ride a SmoothStar?

No, you do not need to know how to skateboard to use a SmoothStar. SmoothStar is not a skateboard but a surf trainer and has very little to do with skateboarding. With every SmoothStar purchase you are sent links to instructional videos. We also have specific SmoothStar coaches and events that can assist you and improve your riding.
Find a SmoothStar coach here.
Discover SmoothStar events here.

Will my SmoothStar board come fully assembled?

Yes, all purchases of SmoothStar complete boards come assembled. If you just purchase an individual deck, it will not come with any other SmoothStar components.

Can I test ride a SmoothStar board?

Yes, you can test ride a SmoothStar at our Official Surf Coach's classes. You can contact www.19Dreams.com to arrange for a test ride with them. 

If you have any questions or concerns about our boards, please contact our customer support team on support@smoothstar.sg for Singapore/ Malaysia. Our helpful staff will be more than happy to guide you through the functionality of our boards and any other concerns. You may also choose to watch or read reviews online.

Can I customise my SmoothStar at checkout?

At the moment, SmoothStar does not have the facilities to enable customisation at checkout, however we are looking to add this option in the future.

What sort of trucks do SmoothStar use?

SmoothStar uses a standard skate truck on our boards. Upgrading the trucks to a more expensive skate truck or specialist truck brand will make no functional improvement to the way your SmoothStar performs.

The New Thruster D Technology

Why did SmoothStar develop the Thruster D?

The original thruster was created with older production techniques which have since improved. The technology has evolved since Thruster 1, this includes: Stress testing, CAD, deeper analysis of stress and materials.
Fast forward 18 years the engineering and computer design has been used to develop a more modern version which improves on many aspects to make the product stronger, lighter and less maintenance.
We have collected data from our surf coaches, surfers and pro surfers to analyse their needs and feedback over almost 2 decades resulting in Thruster D. As years go on our engineers and the product development team consistently work together to redefine how we could make the best surf truck even better.

What is the main difference between Thruster D and Thruster 1?

The Thruster D is overall a more compact system. Thruster 1 had 1 truck bolted on to a turning device, Thruster D is an all in 1 device. It is compact; the axle is in the middle of the front and back bolts that secure onto the board. Resulting in less maintenance, lighter and new decks.

Can I buy just the Thruster D unit?

Unfortunately we do not sell the Thruster D on its own due to the specific requirements of SmoothStar decks, wheels, concaves, position, risers, and wheel base distances. All of these key components are critical factors of simulating surfing on land.

Can I put the new Thruster D on my old deck?

We would not recommend this as Thruster D reduces the wheelbase considerably. As a result we have had to redevelop all new deck designs and specifications to ensure the same surf feeling.

5 yr Warranty... What's covered and what's not?

The 5 year warranty is based on the strength of the whole aluminium construction. Through extensive testing and engineering iterations the truck is extremely strong but fully functional. The product testing and durability covers all surfing manoeuvres performed on the boards.

The 5 year warranty excludes:

  • Breakage from being hit or run over
  • Loosening the Thruster nut
  • Tightening the spring so it is completely compressed to function like a normal skateboard truck
  • Exposure to the weather which could cause rust
  • Wilful and malicious damage
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Modifications to the board
  • Any board which has been purchased second hand

What's the deal on lifetime spring warranty?

Any breakage or snapping of the spring is covered under warranty. Compression of the spring is normal and can be adjusted over time with the allen key (provided with every board).

Do I need to replace my spring?

No, the spring should last as long as your board does.

I own a Thruster 1 complete board and just bought a new Thruster D and it feels much tighter. Why?

This is a normal feeling and reaction. Thruster D was designed to be a tighter feeling but with approximately 20 hours of riding, the spring compresses by a few millimetres and is then considered worn in.

When do I need to tighten the spring?

As you ride over many hours, days, weeks and years, the spring will compress making the board feel looser. Most of our riders prefer this looser feel, however some others like a tighter feel and can therefore tighten it up.

Can I loosen the Spring?

You cannot loosen the spring when the board is new. This is the factory setting and it is at its loosest point. 
On the advanced adjustment the silver washer is already wound close to the end of the bolt, with a small worm screw as a stop point. Please do not unwind beyond this point. This may cause distortion of the adjustment system. 

What is the advanced adjustment system?

You cannot loosen the spring when the board is new. This is the factory setting and it is at its loosest point. 
On the advanced adjustment system the silver washer is already wound close to the end of the bolt held in place by a worm screw. Please do not unwind beyond this point. 

If I accidentally unscrew or untighten the thruster nut, what will happen?

Unfortunately your warranty will be void, however due to the advanced engineering, little or no damage can be made to the top and bottom thruster plates. An extra internal bearing has been added to reduce or eliminate any toothache that could occur as a result of a loose nut.

Are the decks different on Thruster D?

Yes, the Thruster D models are smaller. This needed to be done with the placing of the Thruster. The wheelbases are the same as Thruster 1.

Is the original Thruster going to be made?

Yes, the original thruster will be manufactured, supported and distributed throughout the world for many years to come. It is still a very much loved product by surfers, it would not make any sense to stop manufacturing. We do not discourage customers from buying that technology especially when they are on a budget.
Spare parts for Thruster 1 will still be available on our website.

Why should I buy the original Thruster over the Thruster D?

For those watching where their bank account, Thruster 1 is a great option.

Are there any maintenance videos on the Thruster D available?

At this stage as it's a new product there is no need or demand for maintenance videos. The engineering of the Thruster D has eliminated many maintenance requirements of Thruster 1. We will collect issues from customers and eventually produce a series of thruster D videos for customers to watch and dissect. We welcome any feedback or any questions for Thruster D please contact SmoothStar with any issues through the normal support channels. The customer support team has been testing and riding Thruster D for over 3 years and is very familiar with all components.

SmoothStar Maintenance

How long will my SmoothStar last?

Your SmoothStar has been designed for extreme longevity. Provided you maintain the lubrication and periodic maintenance of the Thruster and board, your SmoothStar will provide many years of enjoyment.

How do you service the Thruster?

If you would like SmoothStar to service your Thruster, please purchase a SmoothStar Recondition Service, using this link. Your Thruster will be returned to you with an additional 12-month warranty. It is possible to service your SmoothStar Thruster at home. Please watch and follow the instructions in our video, How to Service and Maintain your SmoothStar.

Why is there a squeaking noise and how can it be fixed?

Squeaking coming from the Thruster mechanism is common and can be solved easily in a few seconds. The squeaking is not dangerous or damaging to your SmoothStar so there is no need to be worried!

Unfortunately, we cannot provide this oil with purchase due to the long distance it must travel to get to customers. Imagine if oil was everywhere inside the box!

To fix this problem, tip the board on its side and apply a little lubricant on the front and end of the spring inside the Thruster. Please use machine oil or sewing machine oil which is readily available in hardware stores. Don't use WD-40 as it is too light to lubricate this part effectively.

Why did I get a spare rubber part with my SmoothStar purchase?

We provide a spare rubber pivot cup for the back truck with every purchase of a complete SmoothStar. Just like the rubber on the wheels of a car wearing down over time, the pivot cup on the back truck will receive the most wear over time. This is due to the additional pivoting force exerted on the back truck.

What SmoothStar components can wear out over time and which spare parts might I need?

Bushings, wheels and the pivot cup on the back truck are all components that can wear out over time. You can easily replace these at home. All spare parts can be purchased direct from the SmoothStar website.


How long does it take to ship within Singapore and to Malaysia?

Boards are sent to customers daily and we send you a tracking number via email. It normally takes between 2 - 4 days for Singapore orders and 4 to 7 days for orders to Malaysia. We do not ship outside of Singapore and Malaysia, please contact SmoothStar International for other counties or send us an enquiry

When will I get my tracking number?

After ordering your SmoothStar online, you will receive your tracking number within 24 - 72 hours (Monday-Friday). Tracking details will be sent to the email you used to purchase your SmoothStar. Please check your junk folder if it doesn't appear in your email inbox.

If you do not receive your tracking number from SmoothStar within 72 hours (business days only), please contact SmoothStar support via email at support@smoothstar.sg.

How do I track the delivery of my item?

After ordering your SmoothStar online, your tracking number will be sent to your email address. Follow the instructions within the email.

How much does shipping cost?

Please note the below prices may fluctuate due to fuel surcharges.

Within Singapore: Free delivery for 1 to 2 boards. Accessories and spare parts can be calculated when you add them to the cart during checkout.

To Malaysia: to be advised.

What happens if my item gets stuck in Customs?

Boards are already in Singapore. You will not have any issues and transportation should be fast and reliable.

Stockists & Retailers

How do I become a SmoothStar stockist or distributor?

SmoothStar products have been specifically created as a surf trainer to improve surf progression. Our products are to be used this way rather than to be identified as a skateboard and lifestyle product.

To become a SmoothStar stockist, you must meet the minimum requirements of selling surf related hardware. If you would like to apply to become a stockist, please contact support@smoothstar.sg or apply online and a SmoothStar Singapore/Malaysia representative will be in contact with you. 

Does SmoothStar discount their products?

As a functional surf trainer, SmoothStar is not affected by fashion or seasonal changes. Our products are always in demand worldwide so we rarely offer discounts.

Is SmoothStar available on eBay or Amazon?

SmoothStar does not support dedicated online retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Shopee, Lazada, SurfStitch, Blue Tomato etc as it is difficult to incorporate SmoothStar brand and selling guidelines.

How should I display SmoothStar in my shop?

SmoothStar boards are generally displayed vertically so customers can easily identify the difference in sizes. For more information on how to display SmoothStar in your surf shop, please refer to your account manager.


What sort of distribution is available?

SmoothStar has a worldwide distribution network. We mainly focus on exclusive distributions and fostering close relationships with our distributors.

To become a distributor, we prefer that you have a background in distributing technical surf hardware. Minimum order volumes apply. If you would like to apply to become a distributor, please contact support@SmoothStar.com.au in Australia.

What countries are currently covered by pre-existing distribution relationships?

We currently have distribution partners in Australia, China, Chile, Costa Rica, France, Peru, Poland, Portugal (non-exclusive), New Zealand, Norway, Mexico, Russia (non-exclusive), South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

Warranty & Return Policy

SmoothStar’s reputation is built on high quality and performance products that we stand behind with full confidence. Since the company's inception in 2004, we receive very few warranty claims compared to the volume of products manufactured. Since 2018, we receive less than 20 20 genuine warranty claims worldwide per year. This excludes any 3rd party damages such as logistic companies damaging the products during transport.

Should you experience a defect or lack of compliance in a SmoothStar product, it may be covered under the SmoothStar Warranty however we encourage you to review the below details on what is and what is not covered, before submitting a warranty claim.

What is covered under the SmoothStar warranty?

SmoothStar Warranty is valid for 12 months in Singapore/Malaysia from date of purchase. Please make sure you keep your receipt. SmoothStar warranty is non-transferable.
A 3-month warranty extension is available for all territories:
  • Download the SmoothStar app on Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Register your purchase
  • Watch the maintenance SmoothStar videos
If SmoothStar decks are well maintained and the SmoothStar Thruster well lubricated, the SmoothStar will last well beyond the warranty period - Please review all SmoothStar maintenance videos.
In case of a genuine SmoothStar warranty, only defective components will be repaired. In special circumstances, the component will be replaced. Under no circumstances will the whole complete SmoothStar board be replaced.
If your item is not covered by warranty we will issue you with a quote via email following assessment.
In all instances, SmoothStar warranty is void if the nut on the Thruster is tampered with or turned. This is clearly indicated on every Thruster in all territories with a yellow warning sticker. Do not touch this component under any circumstance. In almost all cases, official SmoothStar repairers can identify whether the nut has been tampered or adjusted. 

What is not covered under the SmoothStar warranty?

General wear and tear from use:

  • Dents and scratches to the deck, trucks, or wheels
  • Worn grip tape & air bubbles
  • Wheels that have worn down from use
  • The rubber on trucks

Damage from direct impact:

  • SmoothStar is a surf trainer not a trick skateboard. It is not designed for direct impact to rails, concrete, curbs, walls, ramps or any other structure. If you regularly ride skate bowls and want to protect your SmoothStar deck, it is recommended to purchase nose or tail deck protectors.
  • Any delimitation or splitting of the wood layers or glue.

Damage to the Thruster from: Tampering with or turning the nut on the Thruster instantly voids the SmoothStar warranty. If you have adjusted this nut and you are seeing subsequent damage, you have three options:

  • Attempt to fix the Thruster mechanism yourself. See below maintenance video for details. Additional parts are available for individual purchase if needed.
  • Purchase a new Thruster - This option is only available for existing customers. Please contact SmoothStar at support@smoothstar.sg
  • Send the Thruster to SmoothStar Singapore (recommended) for Thruster reconditioning in Singapore. A SmoothStar support agent will provide the details via email.

Tightening the spring in the Thruster too tight. The SmoothStar Thruster is designed to be loose and not tight and stiff like a skateboard truck. It is not recommended to tighten the spring too tight. This will create too much strain on the internal tension arm which can cause cracks and damage which will not be covered under warranty.

Shipping costs for warranty items

It is the responsibility of customers to pay for all shipping and handling costs when returning items to SmoothStar for warranty inspection.
If SmoothStar determines the warranty claim to be genuine, we will reimburse all related shipping costs. We ask that you retain all shipping receipts and invoices as no shipping costs can be reimbursed without them.
To be reimbursed shipping must be sent only via standard post, not express.

Instructions for processing a warranty claim

If you purchased your SmoothStar through a retailer, it is still recommended that you process your warranty claim directly with SmoothStar.
To process your warranty claim, you must make prior contact to our customer service in your respective territory. Singapore customer service email: support@smoothstar.sg
A customer service representative will contact you and request more information including images and video to show the issue.
Your warranty claim will be approved or declined based on the information provided.
If approved, you will be requested to fill in an online warranty form and instructed to ship the component in question to your nearest service centre.

How to package your complete board for shipping a warranty claim to SmoothStar

Ensure the item is packaged so it will not get damaged in transit. Include your support ticket number, name, address, contact number, email address, where you purchased it (what surf shop / online etc), as well as a brief description of the issue.  Please include a copy of your receipt or proof of purchase if your item is within the warranty period. If your item is not covered by warranty we will issue you with a quote via email following an assessment.

How to package your Thruster for for shipping a warranty repair or replacement within Singapore or from Malaysia

  1. First, you should have lodged your warranty claim with SmoothStar Singapore via support@smoothstar.sg.
  2. If your board is covered under warranty as confirmed by SmoothStar Singapore, you will be given instructions on the next step. 
  3. Remove the truck and Thruster from your SmoothStar Deck and then remove the Thruster from the truck. Please see this video:

Note: Please only send the Thruster, not everything, otherwise we will not refund postage costs. Postage must be economical and not express to get reimbursed.

Ensure the item is packaged so it will not get damaged in transit. Include your SmoothStar invoice number, your name, address, contact number and email address as well as a brief description of what the issue is. Please include a copy of your receipt or proof of purchase if your item is within the warranty period. If your item is not covered by warranty we will issue you with a no obligation quote via email following assessment.

Support & Help

What support does SmoothStar offer?

SmoothStar has a dedicated support team available to support you with any questions you might have about our products. If you have any doubt about which product is right for you, we highly recommend you contact us.
Alternative options of support are:
Via email  support@smoothstar.sg
Via WhatsApp/SMS/Phone +65 8802 8272

We do not offer support via Instagram or FaceBook Messenger.

What languages does SmoothStar support?

At SmoothStar, we support the following languages:
English,Mandarin & Malay

Our website is also translated into Malay.

Can I speak to SmoothStar Support over the phone?

You are encouraged to email or WhatsApp us. Please indicate whether you would like support in English, Mandarin or Malay.

Surf Coaching

Does SmoothStar offer surf coaching?

Yes. SmoothStar coaching is available and open to any level. You can find information on upcoming SmoothStar coaching events in your area by signing up for notifications on our website.

For Singapore/Malaysia, register your interest here.

Can you recommend a surf coach in my area?

You can search for SmoothStar approved and recommended coaches in your area on our website.

How do I become a SmoothStar coach?

SmoothStar is by far the most recognised and established on-land surf tool within the surf coaching framework. If you are already a certified surf coach and would like to become a SmoothStar coach or incorporate SmoothStar into your surf school, please apply via this page.

How can I add SmoothStar to my surf school?

SmoothStar is by far the most recognised and established on-land surf tool within the surf coaching framework. If you are already a certified surf coach and would like to become a SmoothStar coach or incorporate SmoothStar into your surf school, please apply via this page.

Do you have video tutorials?

SmoothStar will soon have various training material to help people improve their surfing on land. Standby for details. 
SmoothStar will soon have various training material to help people improve their surfing on land. Stadby for details. For a range of SmoothStar support videos and video tutorials please download the SmoothStar app on the App Store or Google Play free of charge or go to our YouTube channel.

Do you provide public training clinics?

Yes. SmoothStar runs free public events open to any level. You can find information on upcoming SmoothStar coaching events in your area by signing up for notification on our website.

Do you provide private training clinics?

Yes. You can arrange a private training clinic with one of our SmoothStar recommended coaches. Locate a coach in your area on the links below:

For SmoothStar Singapore/Malaysia events or contact us.

What is the best way to travel with my SmoothStar?

The best option is to take the Thruster and back truck out and put them in your luggage (we recommend you put them inside a sealed bag to avoid any oil contamination on your clothes). In most cases, you will be able to take your board with you as part of your carry-on luggage. Before you travel, check with your airline to ensure your carry-on bag complies with airline requirements.